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Where is the Spreewald region heading in the long term? What is the significance of tourism as a growth-oriented economic engine? The structural change of past and future years keeps the region on the move. Some things can already be described as a success story. For other tasks, there is still a need for action, for example in the area of digitalisation or the networking of existing structures in public transport.

To ensure that the Spreewald continues to successfully strive towards the near future, the Spreewald Tourism Association and its partners developed the future strategy "Spreewald 2030", derived from the Brandenburg state tourism concept.

The strategy contains goals and measures for the continuous attractive development, networking and marketing of the Spreewald's potential as a tourism region in order to create a reliable future for the people in the region.

To this end, six different fields of action were identified and possible tourism partners, partners from other economic sectors, from society, politics and from the cultural and art scene were identified. All those involved are now working together on the vision, developed a mission statement and defined the path to the "Culture - Pleasure - Region Spreewald". If you want to learn more about the future strategy "Spreewald 2030", take a look at our brochure.

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TourCert is an independent organisation whose task is to check the work processes and recommendations of companies in the tourism industry for environmental and social compatibility. Besides the company itself, local partners also disclose their environmental and social standards. The aim of TourCert is to make the sustainable tourism market transparent for tourists on the basis of clear and objective criteria and to support tourism companies in their development activities in a sustainable way.

The EU-funded TourCert certification ensures that travel companies act in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way. Certified companies are regularly audited by TourCert for compliance with established standards. The TourCert of the Spreewald Tourism Association was last renewed in 2023.

More information at www.tourcert.org.

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