Ascension Day (Father's Day) and Whitsun in the Spreewald

On Ascension Day, Father's Day and Whitsun, numerous events again invite you to the Spreewald. Plan an excursion or better a longer holiday in the Spreewald. Because the excursion destinations in the region are many and varied and cannot be done in one day. Punt, paddle, cycle or hike through the fabulous landscape of the Spreewald and enjoy the first early blossoms and the wonderful landscape around the rivers. Don't miss the Sagennacht (Legend Night) in Burg either. The legendary outdoor show about the history, customs and legends of the Wends/Sorben in the Spreewald attracts many visitors every year against the backdrop of enchanting nature.

Below you will find an overview of events between Ascension Day or Father's Day and Whitsun in the region.

Of course, Whitsun and Ascension Day are very popular destinations for an excursion in the Spreewald. Let the ferryman take you across the rivers and learn interesting stories about the UNESCO biosphere reserve Spreewald, its inhabitants and about legends of the region. So if you want to stay overnight in the Spreewald on your holiday, you should book your hotel, holiday home or guesthouse in advance. Holiday flats and guesthouses on the waterfront as well as campsites are among the most popular destinations in the Spreewald. You should therefore book in advance.

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