Easter in the Spreewald

Many of the Easter customs in the region are of Sorbian origin. These include Waleien (egg rolling), Easter water fetching and the popular Easter fire tradition. In Upper Lusatia, especially among the Catholic Sorbs, the Easter journey is also celebrated. Sorbs and Wends have developed typical techniques and decorations when decorating Easter eggs. Waxing, scratching, etching and bossing techniques are used to create colourful works of art that decorate Easter bushes and nests. Colourful ornaments are attributed different meanings. For example, wolf's teeth, symbolised in triangles, give strength and protection from evil.

Easter water is said to have healing and rejuvenating effects. At the beginning of Easter Sunday, Easter water must be taken from the stream and then transported devoutly without spilling it. Easter riding proclaims the good news of Christ's resurrection. This custom is especially practised by the Catholic Sorbs and in Upper Lusatia. Below you will find an overview of Easter events in the region.

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