Hiking on the local history trail near Burg

Want to learn about thehistory of the Spreewald on a hiking tour in the Spreewald? This is now possible on the local history trail near Burg (Spreewald) with various information boards.

The trail starts behind the Schlossberg, where the Wenden King once lived with his retinue and where the popular Bismarck Tower in Burg stands today. Across meadows and ditches, along small settlements of weekend properties, past magnificent oak trees, always follow the information boards and signposts. On the first information boards you will find exciting stories about neoplytes and water springs! Hike to the "Schlossbergfließ" path, at the end of which you will reach the narrow meadow path to the Willischza path. The Willischza - which, by the way, is Lower Sorbian and means "little hill or mountain" - rises four metres above the surrounding area!

Treat yourself to a snack directly at the lake in the Seehotel with its "Noah's Ark" before continuing past the medicinal and spice plant garden and the Weidenburg, where you can marvel at rustic farms in the old Spreewald architecture. Experience unique nature experiences in the Spreewald on the local history trail. When you rejoin the cycle path to Schlossberg, you've made it!

  • Length: 5 km
  • Start/finish: Bismarck Tower
  • Places of interest along the way: Bismarck Tower, natural and cultural landscape with rivers, The Willischza, Seehotel with Noah's Ark, Biosphere Reserve field office - herb garden, Willow Castle - Arena Salix

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With its charming water labyrinths, wet meadows and alder swamp forests, the Spreewald is a valuable habitat for nature and biodiversity. Learn more about nature conservation via this link from the biosphere reserve or on our overview.