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The town of Vetschau is located in the south of the Spreewald between Lübbenau and Cottbus and is shaped by the Wendish and German culture in the Spreewald in a special way. Since the Middle Ages, two languages have been spoken here, various traditions have been cultivated and thus a valuable custom has been preserved.

This togetherness has produced a building that is significant for the architectural history of Germany: the Wendish-German double church, also called the "church twin". It symbolises the bond between two cultures over centuries.

Places of interest in Vetschau

Two churches, wall to wall, connected by a sacristy - that is the Wendish-German double church in Vetschau. The building is unique in Germany and is one of the best-known sights in the Spreewald. Its history goes back to the 14th century.

Another highlight in Vetschau is Vetschau Castle, which is surrounded by a moat. Among other things, the armorial room and the knights' hall can be visited. The historic building and its park are listed monuments. Visitors can learn about the stork native to the Spreewald at the NABU White Stork Centre. A video camera and microphone are used to observe what is happening in the stork's nest. The other exhibitions on otters, hornets and other native animal species are also recommended.

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Activities in Vetschau

If, after visiting the moated castle, you feel like getting up close to the water, there is a newly designed barge harbour in the Raddusch district of Vetschau. It is considered an insider tip and allows paddling and barge trips in the Spreewald far away from tourist routes. Diving fans also get their money's worth in Vetschau: Germany's only diving school floating on an open-cast lake is located on Gräbendorfer See to the south-east.


Tourist Information Vetschau

Schlossstraße 10 03226 Vetschau/Spreewald Tel.: 035433 77755

Castle with Easter bunny display in front of it
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