Wendish & Sorbian Traditional Costumes

For a long time, Wendish and Sorbian traditional costumes were an integral part of everyday fashion in the Spreewald. In the 17th century, the Sorbian-Wendish traditional costumes entered the everyday life of the Spreewald inhabitants. Until the 1920s, traditional costumes were an integral part of village traditions and reflected the family's origins and prosperity. The quality of the fabric, the colours, the cut and the ornaments were a sign of the village the wearer came from and the economic situation she was in.

Today, the old traditional costumes, together with the customs and traditional events of the Sorbs and Wends, are celebrating a renaissance. You can admire them everywhere in the Spreewald when you visit festivals and events. In addition, there are also some beautiful shops in the Spreewald that now make the Sorbian traditional costumes again in the traditional way. So if you ever feel like putting on one of these traditional costumes, it's best to stop by one of these shops.