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The place Schlepzig/Slopišća

An historic flour mill, an extensive farm museum and the Spreewald distillery are among the main features of Schlepzig.

Situated 12 km north of Lübben, Schlepzig is considered to be the centre of the Lower Spreewald. This idyllic village gives the impression of a small artists' village and is the ideal starting point for boat trips through the Spreewald. In 2004, the town celebrated the 1,000th anniversary of its existence, making it one of the oldest communities in the State of Brandenburg.

Blick auf Schlepzig
grüner Weidendom in Schlepzig

Sights in Schlepzig

The traditional craft of former miller families is cultivated in the historical flour mill in Schlepzig. At weekends, visitors can buy freshly baked mill bread.

Schlepzig's Farmers' Museum, conceived as a smart farmstead, offers a glimpse of how Spreewald residents lived in the 19th century. The 5,000 m² farmstead contains old farmhouses, barns, a herbal garden, small animals and a bakehouse with a clay oven in which bread is still baked using old recipes. The "Willow Dome" and the Visitor Centre for the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve are equally well worth visiting. The fact that there are other regional specialities besides Spreewald gherkins is shown by the Spreewald brewery and distillery in Schlepzig.

  • Historical flour mill
  • Farmers' museum
  • Visitor Centre for the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Spreewald brewery and Spreewald distillery

Activities in Schlepzig

Visitors can take a boat or paddle boat from Schlepzig's port and travel the 3 km route through the town in order to admire this pretty Spreewald village from the water. If you have a little more time at your disposal, you can follow the "Buchenhain" nature trail and enjoy the view from the 7 metre observation tower.

Tourist Information Schlepzig

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Dorfstraße 26
15910 Schlepzig
phone: +49 35472-64025

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