Boat trips in the Spreewald: an experience

Book a traditional Spreewald punt trip with Spreewald gherkins or coffee and let yourself be paddled from Spreewald village to Spreewald village. A punt trip through the extensive network of rivers is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Spreewald. Your personal punt ferryman will take you past picturesque Spreewald villages, peaceful meadows and imposing forests. You will learn exciting facts about sights, traditions and customs while paddling and be treated to Spreewald gherkins and bread.

The main season for boat trips is from April to October. During this time, the barges depart every hour. You should allow about two to three hours for a punt trip, special themed punt trips can also take longer. The winter timetable applies from November to March. During this time, selected harbours and boathouses offer winter punt trips or mulled wine punt trips. Equipped with woollen blankets and mulled wine, you are on your way for about an hour. In particularly cold winters, when the rivers are frozen over, the barges are replaced by push sledges and ice skaters.


Barges have always served the Spree Forests as a means of transport for crops, livestock and mail. Therefore, almost every village and homestead has a corresponding landing stage. You can start your tourist boat trip and experience the biosphere reserve in an impressive way with the following providers:

Our recommendations

Group boat trips

For groups, we recommend booking a boat trip before arrival. You can either book one of our day offers for groups (e.g. with a visit to the distillery) or get an individual offer.

Frau sitz im Kahn vorne, hinten weitere Personen, werden durch den Spreewald gefahren.
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