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Lübbenau is nestled in the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve and impresses with a charming old town and a lively harbour district for boat trips into the Spreewald.

Lübbenau belongs to the district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz in southern Brandenburg, about an hour's drive from Berlin.

The town was first mentioned in a document in 1315 and celebrates its 700th anniversary in 2015. Traces of the medieval founding period can be found in the historic town centre. The lively harbour district of Lübbenau is a popular starting point for boat trips into the Spreewald.

Places of interest in Lübbenau

On a guided tour through the historic town centre of Lübbenau, you will learn about the historical and cultural features of the town. The oldest part of the old town is the castle district with Lübbenau Castle and the castle park laid out in the English landscape style.

Not far from the castle is the lively harbour district of Lübbenau with the Great Spreewald Harbour. It is one of the most popular starting points for boat trips through the Spreewald. In the summer months, the wooden barges with their lovingly laid tables line up like pearls. Small cafés with a view of the water invite you to enjoy coffee and cake, and on Lübbenau's famous Gurkenmeile (gherkin mile) the town's gherkin picklers present their assortment.

Statue in Lübben
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Excursion destinations in the surrounding area

Lehde is, strictly speaking, a district of Lübbenau, but it has its very own charm and village character. In addition to the boat trips, well-signposted cycle paths also lead to the little village known as the "Lagoon Village of the Spreewald". The open-air museum Lehde provides authentic insights into the life of the Spreewald inhabitants 100 years ago.


Tourist Information Lübbenau

Ehm-Welk-Straße 15 03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald Tel. 03542 887040

Lehde flow little house from wood
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Events in Lübbenau

One of the event highlights in Lübbenau is the Spreewald Light Nights, when farmsteads, bridges and rivers are bathed in a colourful sea of lights. Boat trips along the illuminated routes should be booked well in advance. The annual Spreewald Concert on the banks of the Spree also combines the unique natural scenery of the Spreewald with first-class music.

Every two years the SPREEWALDATELIER takes place, a project of the KUNSTRAUM SPREEWALD. This sculptor and caricaturist open air takes the term "art in public space" at its word and gathers around 25 sculptors and caricaturists in the heart of Lübbenau's old town every two years in September.

House is illuminated by special patterns of spotlights
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