Regional producers

The tradition of producing typical Spreewald specialities continues in the Spreewald to this day. Numerous regional producers make the products, which are known far beyond the borders of the Spreewald, directly on site. For example, the healthy linseed oil is freshly pressed in the Spreewald mills and the popular Spreewald gherkins are processed in the local gherkin pickling factories. Many of these regional products are labelled with the umbrella brand "Spreewald" - a seal of quality that stands for the high quality of the products.

The local distilleries and breweries also produce high-quality brandies, liqueurs and beers of a special kind. Guided tours of the production facilities or a visit to the small farm shops are particularly recommended, where you are sure to find one or two souvenirs of the Spreewald. Whether it's a delicious Spreewald spread on your bread roll in the morning or a tasty drink from the local distilleries in the evening - the regional producers in the Spreewald supply the region with traditional specialities of all kinds and warmly welcome visitors.