Spreewald umbrella brand

The Spreewaldverein e.V. as the owner of the regional umbrella brand Spreewald, with over 1,600 certified products from 134 companies, stands for guaranteed quality from the region - and has done so for over 25 years! Products, services and shops bearing this logo predominantly use raw materials and ingredients from the Spreewald economic area. The umbrella brand Spreewald stands for quality and regionality, according to the motto - Where the logo is on it, the Spreewald is in it.

Dachmarke Spreewald Logo

Curious about everything behind the umbrella brand? At www.gutes-spreewald.de you will find all the background information on the popular Spreewald products and businesses.

The Spreewald Culinarium shows that regionality can also be a real experience. In addition to restaurants, numerous show businesses are presented here, from cideries to beekeepers and confectioners in the region. Participate, look, experience and enjoy - enough reasons for a longer stay in the Spreewald!

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