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The place Burg (Bórkowy)

The officially recognised spa town of Burg lies in the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve and is known throughout the country for its salt spring, the largest scattered settlement in Germany and its lively Spree port.

Burg in the Spreewald was first mentioned in records in 1315 and in 2015 it celebrates its 700th anniversary. While the oldest part of the town, Burg-Dorf, reveals a closed village development, the districts of Burg-Kauper and Burg-Kolonie originated as scattered settlements. Due to the water level and the quality of the soil, the houses were built on small elevations, called Kaupen in German. The best way to discover the scattered settlement is to take a ride in a traditional wooden boat.

Burg's fame as a spa town is due to the salt spring 1,350 m below ground whose mineral-rich water is used in various wellness and health-oriented facilities such as the Spreewald Thermal Baths.


Like almost every town in the Spreewald, Burg also has two larger and several small ferry ports from which you can take boat trips through the Spreewald. You should definitely also plan a walk through the town itself. The best starting-point is the 27 m high Bismarck Tower which offers a fine view over the surrounding countryside. The 60,000 m² Spa and Myth park in Burg contains thematically ordered gardens dotted with sculptures from the Sorbian/Wendish myths. The garden for medicinal plants and spices with its over 600 medicinal plants, spices and crop plants is also an invitation to take a stroll.

Burg's local history centre, situated in a small thatched blockhouse typical of the Spreewald, offers insights into the culture and tradition of Spreewald's residents. The Willow Castle in Schlossberghof is also a unique ecological and architectural masterpiece which unfurls its true beauty in the summer months.

  • Bismarck Tower
  • Willow Castle
  • Myth park
  • Garden with medicinal plants and spices
  • Bare foot park

Events in Burg

The Spreewald Night of the Myths is one of the highlights in Burg's event calendar. Against the unique backdrop of the Schlossberg, a musical spectacular is performed featuring the mystical mythical world of the Spreewald.

At the annual Hometown and Costume Festival in Burg, presentations of traditional costumes, old handicrafts and Sorbian/Wendish customs offer insights into the Spreewald culture.

Tourist Information Burg

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