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Spreewald Journal Issue: September/October 2016

Interview with Ramona Oppermann: "I am fish. I live fish." The element of the Spreewald is water. In addition to the hundreds of kilometres of rivers, this also includes the large ponds of the regional fish farm. The Peitzer Edelfisch group of companies has always attached great importance to species-appropriate and sustainable management of the ponds. This is the prerequisite for healthy and good-tasting Spreewald fish, which is highly appreciated by both locals and guests. Managing director and "carp icon" Ramona Oppermann can confirm this.

Ms Oppermann, what makes the "Peitzer Edelfisch" products special brand ambassadors of the Spreewald? We are based in Lusatia, the water in our ponds comes from the Spree, and Peitz, as a fishing and fortress town, is a primeval fish farming town. Our products - from the tasty Peitz carp or pike to the stocked fish that preserve the region's fish species diversity - are simply the Spreewald. The implementation of sustainable fish farming is of great importance to you. How important is it to also bring this way of working closer to the end consumer? Very important, especially in terms of environmental education. Our aquaculture facilities are artificially created bodies of water, but they form significant biotopes. Cycle paths and nature trails through the pond landscape offer vivid opportunities to further educate people about the interaction of ecological, social and economic concerns. People must understand that fisheries management always requires a willingness to compromise, especially in or near the biosphere reserve. Through cooperation with tourism - the fishing at the Hälterteich, the Peitzer Karpfenwochen (Carp Weeks) or the Fischzeit im Spreewald (Fish Season in the Spreewald) are examples - fish farming is becoming more and more tangible. How significant are such developments for the region? In order to bring visitors closer to the cultural heritage of the listed Peitz area, for example, such highlights play an important role. Understanding the origin of a product is simply essential. Why should no enthusiastic fish eater miss out on the "Peitzer Fisch"? Our fish here from the Spreewald is a holistic product. Because we not only pay attention to the quality of the taste, but also attach great importance to all the framework conditions of the breeding, which includes the species-appropriate husbandry as well as the fair remuneration of the employees. And finally: What is your personal favourite fish dish? (Laughs.) I am fish. I live fish. And besides the classic carp blue, I love to eat fried carp with potato salad or carp sticks with horseradish.